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Your teeth are on display for all to see, so your smile should be a masterpiece that gives you the confidence to smile more often and feel great about yourself.

There is one Cosmetic dentist in Christchurch who truly understands the physical and emotional transformation you will experience with gorgeous teeth – Dr. Ben Harris and his team here at North Avon Dental.

You will want to smile more often, and smiling will just naturally make you feel happier. It's a fact: smiling and laughing contribute to a sense of wellbeing.
“It's never too late to have the teeth – and the confidence – you've always wanted”

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Shows such as “Extreme Make Over”, “10 Years Younger” and a myriad of articles in magazines have increased public awareness regarding cosmetic dentistry.  It is becoming less and less acceptable to have discolored, uneven or missing teeth.
At North Avon Dental we offer the full range of cosmetic dental options:

  • Smile makeovers
  • Smile design and evaluation
  • Composite bonding
  • Composite bonding
  • Porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges and implants

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As a member of the New Zealand Cosmetic Dental Academy Ben can provide you with high quality comprehensive dental care using the latest techniques and materials, as well as address any cosmetic concerns you may have with your smile.

Ben's previous practice in Remuera, Auckland was the dental home of the TV show “10 Years Younger”.   Watch Ben’s cosmetic cases on “10 Years Younger” shown in 2008.

 Rate Your Smile??

Do you have chipped or broken teeth?  
Are your teeth stained?  
Do you have dark fillings in your smile?  
Have your teeth become darker age?  
Do you avoid smiling in photos?  
Do you have gaps in your smile?  
Are any of your teeth crowded or overlapping?  
Is your self confidence affected by your smile?  

Yes to any of these questions?
We can help if you are concerned about your smile, and feel it needs improvement
Email us at
northavondental@paradise.net.nz or Phone 03 365 6767 and Anne or Rose, our front office coordinators, will find a time to suit you. Remember there is nothing more infectious than a beautiful confident uninhibited smile

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